Naked Paper Co. by Ema Estra is a contemporary print and home decor online boutique based out of southern California. We aim to elevate your space with our stylish prints and contemporary custom portraits! All photographic and graphic design prints are created uniquely by the owner/artist of Naked Paper Co.



Thank you so much for your interested in Naked Paper Co.!

To tell you a little bit about myself, I am a Southern California native. My love for art, writing, and photography started at an early age--first as childhood hobbies, then as school courses and freelance work as I got older.

My passion for nature and traveling came a little later, sparked by the overwhelming outdoor enthusiasm of my now-husband, Johnny. Together, we've traveled all over the states, sailed through the Caribbean, train-hopped through Europe, camped in deserts, jumped in waterfalls, explored rainforests...and we are just getting started!

I started Naked Paper Co. as a way to share our adventures, because I believe that a good photograph or artwork can elevate the energy of any space. My ambition is to translate all of the positivity, hope, and happiness that I see in my travels, into my prints and ultimately -- into your home!

As they say, "Positive Vibes - Positive Mind - Positive Life."